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I am a Online Business Enterpreneur and blogger, feel free to read the whole story.

Learn how to start and run your own online business with my free online eCommerce blog. Passive Income, using new styles of work and learn new stuffzs for your daily work.

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Web Ressources and Tools

Wow – when i started researching possibilities and tools how you can use technology to get recognise by the “Internet” i was very impressed.

Use my Web Ressources and Tools Section in my Blog to get an Update and more insights of how to use them.

About me

Working as Enterprise and Business Architect with the biggest customers in Europe i was always fascinated how less companies are using their potential with online presence.

So i want to share my ideas, experiences and possibilities you have with you. 

about me


I am Martin, a enthusiast running Online Business based in Austria, blogging and sharing informations about Online Business.


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